About Me

Hello, I’m Ramon Kool. I am a freelance camera operator and editor. Experienced with multiple camera systems like Sony, BlackMagic and Lumix. My background is in IT, I studied network and system management before changing my path in life to video and film.

If you ever need any camera or editing work done feel free to contact me!

Also, make sure to check out my portfolio below.

personal information

Full Name
Ramon Kool
22 December 1998
Jan Steenlaan 2, Loosdrecht
+316-11 72 91 93

Professional Skills


work experience

2020 - 2020

Intern AV-Specialist


Produced, edited, and filmed a wide variety of video’s for Hot Pepper whilst I was an intern. Some of the videos produced were for companies like Spike, MTV, Albert Heijen, and Werken bij Defensie.

2018 - 2019

Intern Social Media and AV specialist

Wish Media

I worked for Wish Media as a social media and video intern. Wish Media managed social media accounts and websites for a variety of schools and companies around the Utrecht area. My job was to create, manage, maintain and grow social media accounts via the use of photos and videos.

2015 - 2018

Go-karting and Video employee


I worked for the Kartfabrique as a go-kart track employee as well as a video maker for races and other activities that the Kartfabrique wanted to document. This was my first real job and it thought me a lot about work ethics and hard work. My role at the Kartfabrique was as a class B employee. Meaning that if any foreman was not available me and or any other class B employee would take the lead.


2017 - 2020


Dutch Filmers Academy

Vakkenpakket: Productie, Mediabewerking, Nederlands en Rekenen, Engels, Animatie en VFX, SLB, Audio Design, Filmproject 1-6, Camera en licht, Conceptontwikkeling, Ondernemerschap, Media en Beelcultuur, Communicatie.

Keuzenvakken: Journalistiek, AV technieken, Mediadesign voor een experience.

2016 -2018

Network and System Administrator

ICT Campus

I started my study at the ICT Campus early 2016 and ended it in the beginning of 2018. I wanted to study something more creative and more diverse, hence me changing from IT to video and film.

During my studies at the ICT Campus I studied subjects such as: Linux, MySQL, Cisco CCNA, software development, windows server administration, hardware and more.

2010 - 2016


NIftarlake College & Broeckland College

Vakkenpakket: Wiskunde, Nederlands, Engels, Economie, Natuurkunde, Scheikunde. Examen succesvol gehaald.



  • Animals
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  • Harry Potter
  • Coffee

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